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Everyone wants perfect skin. Skin free of wrinkles, acne, sun spots, etc. And with a plethora of skin care creams, masks, and the complete avoidence of sunlight, some people even manage to achieve a semblence of this total beauty.

Alas, unless you are a model, it's impossible to spend that much time and energy on your skin!

Luckily science has come to the rescue once again.

The best path to beauty is the natural path, your skin wants to repair itself, it tries to repair itself, but it needs a little bit of encouragement.

And that's exactly what LED Mask's advanced phototherapy solution seeks to do. Through the use of specially developed blue and red light wavelengths, your skin can be encourage to repair itself naturally. So you can say goodbye to acne, wrinkles, sunspots, and more!


All-in-one care

LED Mask is designed to be an all-in-one skin care solution, if you want to get perfectly smooth, wrinkle- and cance-free skin, then this is LED Mask is a one-stop-shop. You can use a moisturizer product with it but it isn't required for the product to fucntion. 

So if your bathroom is overflowing with cream, powders, clay masks, and supplements that you've tried and found to be insufficient, then it's time to take things to the professional level with LED Mask's advanaced phototherapy.


The technology for a perfect skin is here and now you can bring it home!

So what is phototherapy exactly?

Phototherapy is a revolution that has been going on for about a decade now. But the base of the science has been known for a long time. The effect of light of the skin's healing capacity has been long known. For example a common feature of acne is that i goes away at the beach. It is constently washedi n the water, but more importantly the exposure to the sun encourages fast skin cell regeneration and turn over, thereby helping to rapidly solve consistent acne problems.

This reaction has been long studied and now the exact wavelengths and the reaction they elicit from the skin have been sufficiently understood by learding dermatologists.

This science has been applied for years in expensive dermatological clinics, but with the development of an advanced generation of LEDs that can emit extremely specific wavelengths, phototherapy is finally available to the mass market.

LED Mast, how's it work?

So what exactly is LED Mask? It's the modulaization of phototherapy. By making the phototherapy appartus as small as possible and as easy to use as possible, our scientists have brought phototherapy into the home.

Further, by alternating between specially selected blue and red lights, the epidermis is encouraged to not only heal itself, it also helps promote the growth of colagen and therefore reduces even deep, set-in wrinkles.

The miracle is a combination of red and blue light

The use of specially chosen wavelengths of red and blue light not only encourage the skin to repair itself - they also help head off the effects of aging before they even become visible. 

Furthermore, frequent phototherapy helps the skin maintain its elasticity. The wavelengths help to encourage blood circulation to the skin that not only gives it a more natural look, but also help the skin stay healthy and remove toxin accumulation. This also helps tighten visible pores in the skin.

How to put the mask on?
  1. Thoroughly wash, clean, and dry your face
  2. If you wish, you can apply your favorite cream before use
  3. Place the mask on your face and plug it into either your smartphone or iPad.
  4. Le programme se lance ensuite automatiquement. The treatement program then launches automatically
  5. Chose between the two different cycles (lumière bleue ou rouge).
  6. Alternez les modes (LED rouge : stimulante / LED bleue : apaisante et purifiante).

Nota Bene! LED Mask sessions are most effective with a duration around 10 minutes (18 minutes is the maximum for a single session). The number of sessions and the interval are up to you.

Who is LED Mask for?

This phototherapeutic mask is designed to work on all skintypes and with skin of all ages. That is to say, it's perfect for anyone that way to start taking care of their skin. From adults to teenagers, anyone who is suffering from skin problems can benefit from LED Mask's advanced phototherapy.

The Mask is designed to help the user overcome acne, eliminate wrinkles, or deal with sunspots. All without expensive medication.

Strong Points:

Reduces wrikles, forms and tones skin
Tightens pores and helps create a unifofrm skin tone
Boosts epidermal blood circulation
Effectively treats acne
Activates cellular regeneration of the facial epidermis
Greatly reduces redness
For all skintypes

  • Material: ABS
  • LED lights: red and blue
  • Compatability: smartphone and iPad (USB cable included)
  • Red light: de 630 à 680 nm
  • Blue light: de 420 à 460 nm

In case of doubt please get advice from your physician or dermatologist before using LED Mask.